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How to Stay Safe During Your Pregnancy When You’re Diabetic

As you probably already know, your diabetes can affect different aspects of your health. Well, it can also affect your unborn baby’s health as well and can put you at an added risk of health and pregnancy-related complications. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a baby, of course.

Instead, it just means that you have to follow certain guidelines to stay safe. Luckily, following these important tips will help you keep yourself and your unborn little one as safe as possible while you’re pregnant.

Plan Your Pregnancy Carefully

First of all, it’s important to avoid “accidents” and to plan your pregnancy careful. To help ensure a trouble-free pregnancy, it’s important to get yourself in good shape and to properly manage your diabetes first.

Now is the time to exercise, lose weight, get adjusted to eating a healthy diet, get used to checking your blood glucose levels regularly and get into a routine of taking your medication properly. It’s also important to schedule an appointment with your doctor and look for any possible complications. If you do these things before you get pregnant, you can help guarantee a healthier, easier and safer pregnancy.

Eat Well

It’s always important to eat well while you are pregnant, but it’s especially important if you have diabetes.

By eating a healthy diet with few carbs and sugars and lots of vegetables and healthy proteins, you can help reduce the amount of medication that you need to take. You can also help keep your blood glucose at a safer level and can provide your baby with the nutrition that he or she needs.

Check Your Blood Glucose Levels More Frequently

As a diabetic, you are probably used to checking your blood glucose levels regularly throughout the day. Now that you are pregnant, it is even more important than before to do so. Since your pregnancy hormones can cause fluctuations in your blood glucose levels, your doctor might recommend that you use your blood glucose meter more frequently.

See Your Doctor More Often

Don’t go by the regular schedule of seeing a doctor during your pregnancy. Your doctor is probably going to want to see you more often to help keep an eye on your blood glucose levels and to ensure that your diabetes is being properly managed. Also, it should go without saying, but it is imperative to tell your OB/GYN and any other healthcare professional who takes care of you during your pregnancy about your diabetes. Then, your healthcare professionals can all look out for potential diabetes-related problems.

Stay on Alert

It’s especially important to take notice of any changes in your health and your body during your pregnancy. If you start to feel dizzy or otherwise unwell, don’t chalk it up to being pregnant. Instead, see a healthcare professional as soon as possible any time that you notice health-related issues.

Keeping yourself and your little one safe are probably your top priorities while you’re pregnant. Luckily, following these tips can help you both stay as safe as possible, despite your diabetes.