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10 Celebs Who Have Dealt With Diabetes: Fame In The Health Spotlight

There are many celebrities who have illnesses that are kept hidden. You will also see that there are celebrities who want to make their illnesses, such as diabetes, known to others so that they can bring attention to the symptoms while helping to find a cure. Some will hold special events to raise money for diabetes while others simply want to educate people to look for signs if they think they might have the disease.

1. Tom Hanks

Hanks announced in 2013 that he is a diabetic. He starred in movies such as "Castaway" and "Forrest Gump", but no one ever suspected that he had diabetes.

Hanks has handled the condition well and sticks to a regular diet in order to maintain his blood sugar levels. He has had his share of gaining and losing weight as well as being on different kinds of diets, which could have led to the diagnosis of diabetes.

Tom Hanks